SafeCyte Compliance Management System


SafeCyte is a comprehensive Compliance management system -  managing all aspects of your day to day complince requirements.


So many OHS/Risk management systems have become overly complicated to use that users simply abandon the systems. SafeCyte is a very easy to use system, and anybody with basic internet and OHS knowledge,  will easily be able to use this system.


SafeCyte is a very cost effective system and is rented out on a monthly basis. We are always developing new functionality and improving existing functionality, and becuse this is a rental  - there are no upgrade or renewal fees. The monthly rental also includes unlimited online support from our dedicated support desk staff.


We realise that 99% of people involved in OHS also have other jobs that keep them very busy, and with this in mind we have developed a system that will let you know when something has to happen to ensure continual OHS compliance. SafeCyte will notify the responsible person via e-mail, or posh notifications on the mobile app if they have a task that has to be completed. This means that the responsible person does not even have to log into the Safecyte system to find out what they need to do, but simply needs to await instruction from SafeCyte via e-mail or push notification.


The system is broken up into different areas so that users can easily identify where they need to go to perform their relevant tasks. The main areas are:


Company Policies - in this area you can house all your company policies. Safecyte will then manage review dates, approval of documents as well as notifications.

OHS Act and Regulations - Safecyte provides you with a copy of the OHS Act and the 21 regulations that support the Act. These documents are searchable and will be updated if any amendments are made to them by government.


Training - Safecyte allows you to create attendance registers and will ensure that all supporting documents are uploaded to the system by reminding the responsible person. Safecyte also tracks training expiry dates so that you are never caught with expired training.


Formal Appointments - Once you appoint staff members Safecyte will automatically create appointment letters, manage the process to ensure that signed letters are uploaded, as well as notify you should an employee leave your employ to ensure that you always have the relevant appointees as required by law.


OHS Committee - you schedule your meetings on Safecyte which then in turns also ensures that meetings are held at required intervals, and that minutes are captured and uploaded as well checking whether all tasks, as outlined in the minutes, are performed by the responsible persons.


Audits - Safecyte provides you with audit templates that can be utilised to measure your legal compliance, however you are also provided with an audit template builder that can be used to create your own custom audits.


Checklists - Safecyte allows the user to complete checklists online which in turn gives us the opportunity to action tasks on non-compliant items. Safecyte will also remind all the responsible people to complete their checklists at the correct frequencies.


Compliancy Certificates - Safecyte allows you to store all compliancy certificates in a central area so that they are easily accessible to all staff members, and then also manages expiry dates to ensure that the responsible people source updated certificates as and when they are required.

Incident and Accident management - Safecyte allows you to customise the relevant information that you would like to record in regards to Incident and accident management as well as providing you with all required templates.


Risk Assessments - Safecyte has a full blown continual risk management system that will give you an up to date view of your current risk exposure. The system will also ensure that all suggested actions in regards to risk items are completed.


Evacuation Procedures - Safecyte will not only manage the scheduling of your emergency evacuation drills but also ensure that drill reports are completed and that problem items are rectified by the responsible person.


Safe Work Procedures - Safecyte provides you with an area to store all safe work procedures and manage training of relevant staff members on those procedures. We can also provide you with a whole host of standard safe work procedures.


Non-Conformance Reporting - Safecyte offers management a simple yet very effective overview to see what actions or task  might be overdue to determine not only a complete risk exposure but also to know exactly who is responsible for these overdue tasks or actions.


Please contact us for a complete overview of system. We will gladly come and do a FREE consultation of the system at your premises.